barchetta owners technical manual
(written and maintained by barchetta owners worldwide)



Welcome to the barchetta owners technical manual.

In these page we hope to provide you with a collection of projects carried out by barchetta owners that will help you maintain your barchetta, some might even save you money!



Please read ALL of the instructions for a project BEFORE commencing and if you are unsure about ANYTHING e-mail the author for clarification, an e-mail link is provided under the project title. If you are still unsure DO NOT start anything you may regret. The last thing we want to do is upset people by encouraging them to harm their barchetta. Sometimes Fiat will change or update part numbers, please double check you are ordering the correct part before placing an order.

To view a project just click on the link in the contents page. All projects have a rating from one spanner - the simplest, to five - the scariest.

None of the projects have been approved by Fiat and we must point out that any work you undertake will be at your own risk. Where possible Safety precautions and Environmental guidelines are included. Please remember in some cases you will be dealing with CAUSTIC, FLAMMABLE and POISONOUS substances and in other cases with DIRECT CURRENT electrical devices that do not like positive and negative terminals to be mixed up.


If you have any suggestions for projects, comments on or contributions for these pages please e-mail Ian Barnett