Fiat Original Exhaust System

(pictures by Ian Barnett)


Below is a description of the exhaust system on the b. On earlier model the system fitted by Fiat was quite heavy and did not last long. It was fo this reason that DTR in the UK designed their own system to replace the Fiat original. For details of the DTR replacement click HERE.

The exhaust system starts underneath the front of the engine, just behind the radiator system

After the manifold has left the engine it passes between the oil sump and the gearbox.


On top of the exhaust at this point (in the yellow box) is the lambda sensor this tells the engine management system how much oxygen is in the exhaust gases and makes adjustments to the engine to make sure the fuel it has pumped into the engine is being burnt correctly. It also ensures the b is not generating too much polluting gases.

This is the catalytic converter with heat shield (the metal plate above it)
This is the first rear box in the system
This is the final silencer box before the system splits into a twin pipe
That just leaves the the twin pipes at the end