The barchetta club Nederland Brabant tour

kmDescriptionDirection Street
0.0 Leave the hotel parking to the left, at traffic light left.  
4.4 After the 2nd traffic light from San Pietro turn left Rucphen / Bosschenhoofd

6.8 You're now entering Bosschenhoofd

8.6 At roundabout straight ahead Rucphen  
10.0 Turn right   Gastelse Baan
10.1 Take the first street to the left   Gastelseweg
11.0 Take left Rucphen Gebrande Hoefstraat

11.0 You're now entering Rucphen

11.8 Turn right Camping "witte plas" Schijfse vaartkant

15.3 You're now entering Schijf

15.9 You're now leaving Schijf

16.1 Turn let    
16.15 Turn left (in the bend of the road)   Zoekse dijk
16.6 At the end of the road turn right   Hoekvense dreef
19.3 At the end of the road turn left   Roosendaalse baan

15.9 You're now entering Achtmaal

22.4 Straight ahead Wernhout Past. De Bakkerstraat
22.6 Turn left Wernhout van Lanschotstraat
24.8 Turn left Wernhout Grote Heistraat
26.9 Turn right Wernhout / Zundert Diepstraat

27.0 You're now entering Wernhout

27.4 Turn left Zundert N263
27.6 Before the Total gas station turn right   Maalbergenstraat
28.3 Turn left   Weduwenstraat
30.0 Turn right   Gaardse Baan
30.3 Follow the road to the left   Rustenburgstraat
31.7 Turn right   Meierseweg (N146)

33.2 You're now entering Belgium

36.1 You're now entering Meer

36.3 Turn left Meerle Meerlseweg
36.8 You're now leaving Meer

40.0 Follow the road to the right do NOT take the Meersel - Dreef

41.9 You're now entering Meerle

42.1 Turn left Breda Strijbeekseweg

44.7 You're now entering Nederland JJJ

44.8 Turn right   Goudbergseweg
49.8 Turn left   Ulicotenseweg
51.1 Turn right Rest. Klein America Legstraat
52.2 Straight ahead crossing N268 Schaanstraat
53.2 Follow the road to the left   Sluisstraat
54.4 At the end of the road turn right    
55.1 Turn left Jeugdherberg Putven Putvenseweg
56.5 Follow the road to the right    
57.8 At the end of the road turn left   Franse Baan
60.9 Turn left Gilze N260

61.8 Watch your speed: permanent speed control 80 KM L

62.4 Turn left   Altenaweg
63.7 Go straight ahead at crossing    
64.1 At T-crossing go to the right    


67.8 Follow the road to the right   Hoogstraat
68.2 Turn left   Korte Hoogstraat
68.6 At the end of the road turn to the left    
73.3 At the roundabout turn to the right De Korenmolen Deken Dr. Dirckxweg

66.5 You're now entering Bavel

74.0 Turn left De Korenmolen Vennekes
74.6 Turn left Watch the windmill  
74.8 Parking at the windmill where we'll have lunch  

Special thanks to Henko "matic" for his assistance in making the route.


Interior of "de Korenmolen"

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