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There is a pedal car for the kids available in orange or yellow made by TT Toys Toys.

Not available in green, alas...
NLG 245,- / 243.80 DM / £ 80 for a pedal car;
470.35 DM / £ 185 for a 4 km/h, 6 volt electro car.
Dimensions: 53 x 34 x 104 cm

Ask your friendly Fiat dealer for details (part# 5912940 or 5912941), or contact TT Toys Toys:
Via cassino d'alberi, 17
20067 Tribiano (Milano)
TÚl: 02 - 90631993 ric. autom.
Fax: 02 - 90632402

Fujimi has five cars in scale 1:24, in their 'Light Weight Sports' series.

Kit #12514 (L.W.S. 14) features an orange car, with standard steel wheels, an optional windstop and a detachable soft-top (Fiat part# 5912942).
Kit #12515 (L.W.S. 15) features a metalic blue car, with alloy wheels, the optional windstop and a detachable hard-top (Fiat part# 5912943).
Kit #12516 (L.W.S. 16) features a red car, with alloy wheels and a pair of skis on the luggage rack (Fiat part# 5912944).
Kit #12518 (L.W.S. 18) features a yellow car, with alloy wheels and a surfboard on the luggage rack.
Kit #12523 (L.W.S. SP) features a grey car, with big alloy wheels.
Apart from the color of the car, the rims and the roof, all kits are identical. Prices are in the $20 range. Assembly-difficulty is suitable for the average barchetta driver...
Fujimi Europa is located at Chaussée de Wavre 1183, 1160 Brussels, Belgium.

There are not many die-cast models in size 1:32. And those that do exist are not very pretty...
Giocher (Italian, pronounce 'joker') has one for 70.000 Lira.

Speedy Power (owned by Toymark) has some very cheap Chinese Pull-Back cars in orange or sea-blue (both #51703).

There are also 1:43 resin kits.
121930 Red (1 of 3.840 pcs.)
121931 Yellow (1 of 3.024 pcs.)
121932 Black
Excellent finish,
Assembled for only 30 Euro
04301005 (by BBR) - 154 Euro
ABC Brianza
ABC 52 - 193 Euro
ABC 100 (Coupé) - 193 Euro
ABC 114 (Monotipo) - 216 Euro
ABC Brianza
BRK05 (kit) - 72 Euro

Video Games/Driving simulators
Title: Thrill Drive
Publisher: Konami
Title: Gran Turismo 2
Publisher: Sony
Title: Sega GT
Developer: Sega
Publisher: Sega

(The Producer of the European version,
Kats Sato, drives a Coupe 2.0 Turbo
and a barchetta!)

Title: Metropolis Street Racer
Developer: Bizarre Creations
Publisher: Sega
Title: Roadsters
Developer: Player 1
Publisher: Titus

There is a song by Rush, called Red Barchetta (Moving Pictures, 1980)
It is inspired by a short fantasy-story by Richard S. Foster and appeared in Road & Track November 1973. In the short-story the car is an MGB but this is not the Red Barchetta of the song. Neil Peart (the lyricist of Rush) adapted the story a bit and used a Red Barchetta instead of an MGB.

The Red Barchetta in the song is probably a Ferrari race-car, the Ferrari 166 (1950) which was nicknamed Barchetta.

Hotel Barchetta Excelsior on the lakeside in Como with Stefano Lavazza's barchetta

A village in Corse

A frozen pizza, by Dr. Oetker...

Instead of visiting Ferrari in Modena, go to the Via Barchetta!