F I R S T   E U R O P E A N   B A R C H E T T A   M E E T I N G

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Driving through the countryside

After the meeting we went to the Castello di Masino. Even the Dedica joined us!

It was bedlam in the small villages when we drove through

The next day in the mountains, we couldn't drive any further because of the snow

On the way back to the hotel we visited Ilcas, the barchetta body factory where they used to make the Fiat Campagnola in 1951 and some other brands (Maserati among them)

On the way to Holland, we saw Villeneuve. Unfortunately not the Formula 1 driver ...

... while Eric was hoping to see Villeneuve—the driver—in Monaco!

Just behind the swimmingpool

The very small pitboxes in Monaco

And the famous tunnel


Pictures by Thor Tielemans and Eric van der Wal