F I R S T   E U R O P E A N   B A R C H E T T A   M E E T I N G

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Inside Maggiora

After being build at Ilcas in Sparone and painted at Bertone, the hand polised (to prevent 'orange-skin' paint) empty body shells enter Maggiora

The body consist of 600 seperate parts, welded by hand.
Total cost of the sheetmetal: 2000 DM (ten times that of a Punto)



Many women are working at Maggiora

Waterproof lights?

Engines, built in Napoli ..

.. are put by hand on a pulley block

The only automated process: putting the car over the engine

Who said only expensive cars are hand made?
Oh, a barchetta is relatively expensive considering it being just a Fiat!

After two days on the assembly line, a working barchetta rolls off

The final check

Build with a smile

Pictures by Thor Tielemans