Some strange noises in Boris' car:"Last week I heard the first time this terrible diesel sound when startingthe engine. I went to my dialer and he offered to change the responsible part(I don't know the name in english). Now the diesel sound has disappeared butanother strange sound can be heard but only with the hood open or having theengine runing in a garage. It was a sort of more or less periodic metallicnoise coming from the timing belt region. I showed this noise to my dealerbut he didn't what it could be. He changed the part again assuming that thepart maybe was inaccurate. But the noise remained. Sorting out the problemfor a longer time we found the following: (click on it to hear it)

  1. The noise is not hearable when the engine is cold or the car has not beendriven (That means hot engine without driving the car will make no noise)
  2. After having driven the car the noise appears but after a while it getsweaker and weaker and disappears."

Comments about the noise or leather seats: BorisBecker.