L I F E  A F T E R . . ?

Barchetta-designer Andreas Zapatinas left the Fiat company in 1994 tocontinue working at BMW until 1999, when he followed up Walter De'Silva at Alfa who in turn went to SEAT.
Also at BMW is Chris Bangle who designed the Coupé Fiat.

Although it's said that the BMW Z07 is a design by Dane Henrik Fisker,one could see influences of the barchetta by some other BMW employee?
Nice upright mirror, covered headlights, curves and side-crease...
Makes one wonder where the softtop is! (The Dedica doesn't have a roof)
Bubbly roof, like the Wiesmann hardtop.

The new BMW Z8 will compete with cars like the Mercedes SL, Porsche 911and Ferrari's. It will have a 4.8 litre V8, capable doing 0-60 Mph in5 seconds and having a topspeed of 155 Mph. Nothing like a humblebarchetta.