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Because the front engine and transmission of the 128 Saloon didn't allow for a smart bodied 128 Spider, Nuccio Bertone desided to go for a mid-engined concept, having some experience with the mid-engined Lamborghini Miura and Marzal.
For the Turin Autoshow of 1969, Bertone produced a 'show car' called Bertone Runabout Barchetta, to try the public's opinion.

In 1973 the X 1/9 was introduced as the 850 Spider replacement.
'X 1/9' is actually the project code given to this car, as was 'X 1/1' the project code of the 128 saloon, 'X 1/3' of the 130 saloon and initially 'X 1/8' and later 'X 1/20' for the successor of the X 1/9 (which turned out to be not a Fiat but the Lancia Montecarlo!).

The vehicle identification number of the X1/9 is "ZFA128"

In 1977 a right-hand-drive version appeared and in 1982 Bertone took over the whole production process and sold it under their own brandname until production ceased in 1987.


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