H O W   T H E   B A R C H E T T A   W A S   B O R N

1990 In 1990, the management of Fiat assigned the Centro Stile (Styling Center) of
Fiat with the task to realise a spider on the chassis of the 'Tipo B' (later to
become known as the 'Punto'). Therefore it was coded 'Tipo B Spider 176'.

Sketch by Andreas Zapatinas, who is considered to be the designer of the barchetta.
May '91

Proposal for the Marinara
March 22, '91

The Diavola, basically an open version of the Coupé Fiat
April 15, '91

Initial sketches for the cabin
April '91
The names 'Marinara' and 'Diavola' refer to pizzas, to distinguish the various prototypes. Other names were the Atomica and Bismarck.
The Diavola featured a strong resemblance with the Coupé Fiat, which was already defined at that time. It had the same bubbly headlights, round rearlights and wheel-arch cuts.
Only a few months after the start of the project, life-size plaster models had been made (below).
The cabin (seats, steering column, pedals etc.) was shifted 10 cm (4") rearward opposed to the original Tipo B (Punto).
Right from the start, the idea was to let sheetmetal from the hood enter the cabin.

First model of the Marinara
May '91

Plaster model of the Diavola
May '91
Various sketches for the front and rear-end.

Second model of the Marinara, here with oval rear lights.

July '91

Last model of the Diavola (now with round wheel-arches), before it was finally rejected. Note the Mazda MX-5 (Miata) and the Lotus Elan in the background!

July '91

July '91 - Proposal of the dashboard by Peter Davis (rejected).

July '91 - Design by Guiseppe Bertolusso.
Sheetmetal reaches over the dashboard.

Sketches by Zapatinas. The oval rearlights are now more squared.
By this time, the exterior design is final and the car is renamed 'Spider 183'.
December '91
Uhoh, reorganisation at the Centro Stile...
Positions in 1991:Positions in 1992:
Director Fiat Design: Nevio di Giusto
Coordinator Fiat Design: Mario Maioli
Assistent Fiat Stile/Design: Ermanno Cressoni
Chief Exterior Design: Chris Bangle
Chief Interior Design: Peter Davis
Director Fiat Design: Chris Bangle
Coordinator Fiat Design: Nevio di Giusto
Assistent Fiat Design: Ermanno Cressoni
Chief Design Cars: Andreas Zapatinas
(later: Alessandro Cavazzo)
1992 The position of the various lights proved to be a problem. This version has devided rearlights: two colors in each lens.
January '92: In Januari 1992, Fiat was looking a company to build the car. Of the Turin coachbuilders Itca, Stola and Maggiora, the latter was choosen.

First epowood model of the dashboard. Sheetmetal enters the cabin, but not as far as in the first proposals.
January '92

In this proposal, the hoodcover doubles as a spoiler! 1. Lift spoiler; 2. Put it on the trunk; 3. Close the roof
March '92

Almost final dashboard. In the final version, sheetmetal is only 2 to 3 inches wide.
March '92

Enginebay layout

Prototype of the clocks in day and night vision. The number of dials in the righthand clock has been reduced to two in the final version.

The crew of Centre Stile Fiat who designed the car without any third party help.
On the far right: Nevio Di Giusto (coordinator Stile/Design Gruppo Fiat),
next to him: Peter Davis (director Centro Stile Fiat).